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All clients are expected to maintain their color with salon shampoo and conditioner. We recommend you wash and condition your hair in cooler water than you shower in, air dry when ever possible, heat style no more than once or twice a week and olaplex once a week to maintain the integrity of your hair. Satisfaction guaranteed.  There are no guarantees on hair that has been box dyed, or color that has been washed with drug store shampoo.


Foils(include 4oz of toner and a blowdry)

Full head   200

3/4 head    180

Half head   165

Partial(along part only)   125

Individual(face framing only)  50 

Full Balayage  200

Balayage between foils  65-100(based on thicknesses of hair)

Bleach and tone 150

Global color

Long   160

Short  120

Just the roots 110

Color add on's

Base break  65

Root shadow 45

Base color with foils 45

Color remover  100

Clear treatment to brighten existing blonde  45

Shampoo cocktail to brighten existing blonde 45

Additional toner application  25

Olaplex #1 and #2      49

Olaplex #2 only           30

Haircut with color  35

Haircut style change 60

Trim just the bottom  15

Just a toner 95

Shampoo and blowdry  35

Blonde by Charlotte solopreneur  

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